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Odoo ERP, or OpenERP, is a set of business applications that seamlessly sync with each other to provide you with a complete business management application. Odoo takes a fully modular approach to deliver, so you get 3000+ modules to develop your own business management tool best of both worlds. This software supports both offline and online modes and offers immense security for your data in both modes. A system that is quickly set up and ready for you to use.

Custom Apps

Web Design

Great web design can make all the difference in the look and feel of your website, as well as any other promotional or online material that you use to market your business. It's a crucial part of responsive front-end development, but it can also be very useful for a number of other marketing and design purposes.

Web Development

Your web presence needs to be flawless to build a brand image and get the most out of the online ecosystem, and that is only possible with flawless web development. With a web development company with more than 20 years of web development experience, you get a fully functional website that forces visitors to stay, interact, and convert.

Our passion to play with the new web development technologies, combined with our expertise and experience, has brought us many success stories of web development projects with different requirements and challenges.


In this digital age, disrupting your online business presence is proving to be very expensive. Inadequate management of servers, storage, networks, and backups leads to delays and outages that directly affect the availability of your business to users online. Internal IT teams may be understaffed or poorly equipped to serve servers online 24/7. With skilled employees, mature processes, and the right equipment, managing servers can become very expensive.

Digital Marketing

Marketing has changed more in the last 10 years than it did in the 100 before - it has catapulted us from the age of TV spots and print ads into the age of websites, online videos, social media and Google. Consumers are now connected to the internet 24/7 - People now spend more than 6 hours a day consuming digital media, and that does not apply to those whose jobs are internet dependent.

Business Planning

Strategic planning is a management process used to evaluate your current business, determine your strategic direction, and establish a roadmap for strategic initiatives. A strategic plan explains why an organization exists, what it intends to achieve, and what tactics are required to achieve its goals.

DTC Solutions

Direct to consumer (DTC) business management services are solutions that help companies efficiently manage the operations of their DTC business. These services include customer database management, order processing, inventory tracking, marketing and analytics, customer service, financial management etc.

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